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Deadpool a new release action and drama filled comedy about an extremely vain man who cares more about his looks than most people, gets sick and partakes in an underground unapproved medical experiment for people who are terminally ill and have no other chance at survival.

During the experiment things take a horrible turn for Wade Wilson and his face and body begin to melt and his skin is horribly affected.  After he “mutates” he becomes invincible and blows up the entire warehouse where the experiment is being conducted.  He then leaves the warehouse on a search for his girlfriend whom he left behind in order to try and be cured.

As he is looking for her he notices everyone staring at him and whispering about his unfortunate looks. Instead of looking for his girlfriend decides to first create a “super hero suit” to cover his looks.  Second search for the man who “did this to him”.  Beginning a long journey of funny remarks and tons of action.  Watch this movie to see if he ever finds the man who did this to him and to see if he can conquer his fears and be with his true love again.